PAEA Data on Demand

PAEA collects a wealth of data from PA programs, educators, and students, which are published in our By the Numbers series of reports. These data are also available to both members and non-members in multiple formats to support ARC self-study, evaluation, benchmarking, research, and scholarly work. All data requests are subject to PAEA’s Data Request and Sharing Policies and will be evaluated and completed based on their potential benefit to the PA profession, and in relation to the current workload of the Research Team.

In addition to these standard data requests, PAEA provides Personalized Student Insights services, with robust student participation, in the Matriculating Student Survey (MSS) and End of Program Survey (EOPS), exclusively to members.

Please contact the PAEA Research Team at 703-667-4353 or with questions regarding what data are available, designing a custom report, and any other inquiries.

Data on Demand Formats

PAEA data are generally available in two formats: Raw data and custom reports. PAEA does not release member contact information or distribute surveys for researchers.

Researchers and other individuals seeking to conduct analyses on data from PAEA surveys may request deidentified raw data (example). Requestors will be required to provide basic contact information as well as the following:

  • Purpose of the study/request (i.e., research questions, problem statement, and objectives)
  • Brief review of literature
  • Details about data needed (source, year, variables, type of file, etc.)
  • Methodology (study design, sampling techniques, planned data analyses, etc.)
  • Planned method(s) of disseminating findings

Additionally, proof of Institutional Review Board (IRB) approval or exemption will be required prior to approving requests for individual-level (e.g., student and faculty) raw data. Requests for Program and Curriculum Survey data are exempt from IRB review. If a request is approved by the Research Team, requestors must sign a confidentiality, academic integrity, and non-disclosure agreement before the staff begin processing the request. Raw data files may be requested as SPSS or CSV files and will be provided via a password-protected link for secure file transfer.

Learn more about how to request raw data.

Individuals seeking more detailed information than is published in PAEA’s public reports may request a custom report (example). You may request summary statistics for only those programs that share similar features (e.g., provisionally accredited programs) or for a pre-identified cohort of peer programs. With limited exceptions, data are only shared when at least five programs are represented. PAEA reports and publications are produced in various formats including, but not limited to, print media, web documents, and electronic media (e.g., PDFs). These are considered the intellectual property of the Association and should be cited accordingly.

Learn more about how to request a custom report.


Non-members are required to pay half of the estimated cost prior to the release of data and the remainder within 30 days of delivery. Members are required to pay 100% of the cost within 30 days of delivery. The PAEA Research Team will provide requestors with an estimated cost to be approved prior to beginning work.

Cost for Members


Member cost is calculated at a rate of $50.00 per hour for staff time that exceeds one hour per calendar year

Cost for Non-Members


Non-members are charged $100.00 per hour with no waiver of the first hour


Member pricing will only be honored for PA programs and individual colleagues whose dues are up-to-date. Members not in compliance will be billed at the non-member rate. If requesting Program and Curriculum Survey data, members must have completed the survey section(s) for which they are requesting data. For example, if requesting custom tuition data, that program must have provided tuition data for the survey.

Preparing a Request for Data on Demand

Individuals interested in requesting raw data or custom reports must complete a request form. Prior to completing the form, please follow the recommendations below to ensure that your data request can be processed in a timely manner.

Step 1:

Consulting the Research Team before making your request is highly encouraged. We can advise you about what data might address your question, discuss any limitations of the available data, help design a custom report, and more. There is no charge to members seeking consultation, and discussing the request with the Research Team in advance makes it more likely that your formal request will be approved and filled.

Step 2:

Familiarize yourself with the different data request formats to ensure that you are requesting the appropriate option for your needs.

Step 3:

Review the example request form and gather the required elements for requesting raw data or a custom report in advance before filling the form out.

The Data on Demand request form will ask for the specific variables needed. It is helpful to be as detailed as possible. It is suggested that requesters refer to specific figures and tables in our By the Numbers series of Program, Curriculum, Faculty, or Student Reports, or items in the survey instruments.

Request Data on Demand

Submit Request

Approval of the Request

Requests are reviewed within 7 business days to determine whether the request can be filled. Review of requests will have one of three conclusions: approved, approved with revisions, or not approved. If the requester and staff are unable to reach agreement on revisions, the request will be forwarded to the Research Mission Advancement Commission (MAC) chair who will make the final decision. If the Research MAC chair is needed as a reviewer, the Research Team will assign an identification number and remove identifying information from the request to ensure a blinded review. If the request is not approved, the requester may appeal to the PAEA Board of Directors. If the request is approved, staff will communicate approval to the requester with an estimate of the cost.

The PAEA Research Team fulfills Data on Demand requests as soon as possible but the request size and complexity as well as current staff workload may impact the timeframe in which requests are completed. Staff will communicate any delays or necessary changes to the requested timeline as appropriate.

Upon fulfillment of a Data on Demand request, requesters are asked to complete a brief satisfaction survey. In addition, six months after the request is closed, all requesters are required to complete a brief outcomes survey, which allows PAEA to track the outcomes of the data request program and improve its services. By receiving Data on Demand, requesters agree to provide this outcomes information.