Baylor and CSUMB: Radiology Made Easy

Wondering how to teach students to navigate the mysterious and complex world of diagnostic imaging in a way that is easy to comprehend and engaging?

An online simulation education program offered by the American College of Radiology—free of charge—could be just what you’ve been looking for. This innovation was the idea of Stanford professor, Marc Willis, DO, MMM, after he noticed significant gaps in medical education curricula regarding how to appropriately, safely, and cost-effectively request medical imaging exams for patients. His goal was to provide universal access to a resource for learners across the continuum of medical education to learn, apply, practice, and develop these skills in a low-stakes learning environment. Currently, almost 50% of allopathic medical schools in the U.S. use these modules.

Students at Baylor College of Medicine using the online radiology curriculum

This novel approach is now being used in PA schools after a successful pilot of the program at Baylor College of Medicine in Texas (see photo). The PA program at California State University at Monterey Bay (CSUMB) recently adopted this online radiology curriculum and will be using it in all three of its PA classes, including as a review for third-year students to help them study for the PANCE. All 90 students in the program will have access to it any time they wish.

“When you see the modules, they are so clear and so well presented. I found myself fascinated about learning this stuff. It’s mesmerizing. And it’s completely free!”

Alfred Sadler, MD, associate medical director at CSUMB

Fewer than one percent of PA programs currently use the curriculum, but Sadler is anxious to get the word out. He said his hope is that every program in the country has the option to look into this innovative curriculum and use whatever parts of it they would like to help improve students’ diagnostic abilities.

For additional information, questions, or help registering, visit the Radiology TEACHES website or send an email to

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